I grew up in a small town in central Texas with a love for the arts. I received my BFA from SMU in 2009 focusing in Photography with a minor in Art History. While at SMU I had the opportunity to study in Taos, New Mexico sparking the recurring themes of the landscape and sublime in my work. Dallas’ growing art scene fueled my passion and enticed me to stay in the city for another year to pursue a Post Bach in ceramics. Though my practice remains interdisciplinary and rooted in many medias, I fell in love with the clay community that year and still consider it my home in the art world. In 2012 I took a leap of faith and moved to Portland, Maine to pursue my MFA. Maine’s remote and new landscape renewed my passion for the outdoors and further introduced many more playful aspects to my studio. Upon graduating in 2014, I stayed in Portland and became part of the Space Studio Collective. After the intensity of an MFA, both writing and making, I welcomed the slow pace of studio practice through Maine’s long winters to explore my own work. My installations seek to imitate the sublime quality of landscape and foster interactions of fellowship within them often in playful ways. I have recently moved to Chicago and hope to build a new community here as I continue this exploration.